As part of its resource mobilization strategy SSD provides all kinds of support services to civil society organizations across Pakistan. SSD has worked with local and international organizations and donors and has in-depth understanding of the requirements of the donor organizations. SSD has worked with OSI, Interact Worldwide and Commonwealth foundation along with many other UN agencies. SSD regularly provides high quality and cost effective support services to international organizations in development and translation of manuals, designing and printing of IEC materials, guidelines, manuals, reports and in event management. The experts of SSD have so far provided similar services to PILDAT, UNICEF and UNAIDS for translations and printing of manuals and guidelines and reports. SSD has got the services of translation experts who have in-depth knowledge of development issues and relevant terminologies for proper and exact translations. The services provided by SSD are not only high quality but also cost effective. SSD also supports civil society organizations in documentation and development of reports, policies and strategic framework. So far SSD has worked with many grassroots civil society organizations in Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab. Small scale organizations are also supported in development of project proposals, EOIs and concept papers keeping in view their respective strengths and technical capacities.