SSD has its presence in almost all the provinces and regions of Pakistan.

SSD has extensive grass roots level out reach through its own offices and through its partners in almost 70% of the districts in Pakistan.

It has vast institutional capacity in terms of implementation of different types of projects, managing grants, policy and media advocacy, capacity building of civil society organizations, leadership development, partnership building and networking, carrying out studies and representing civil society organizations at different national and international forums. SSD has extensive experience of implementing and managing small grants projects in all parts of Pakistan. Along with that SSD has vast experience of carrying out capacity building of small sized NGOs through mentoring and trainings on various topics such as Community mobilization, organizational management, project cycle management, rights based approaches, gender and development, gender and HIV, BCC and IPC among others. Despite having vast experience and capacity, SSD considers it’s out reach and grass roots presence its greatest strength. SSD offer its partners a unique opportunity of reaching greater number of civil society organizations and beneficiaries through one window. The linkages and rapport developed with vulnerable and marginalized communities and groups are an asset for SSD and its partners. Through these partnerships SSD is in position to carry out any kind of intervention and project without facing the usual community resistance.


SSD is high capacity organization which enjoys the services of renowned experts of their fields in its staff and advisors panel. SSD has implemented programmes of institutional development, monitoring and evaluation, national capacity building, gender mainstreaming, advocacy and awareness on developmental issues related to HIV and AIDS, Mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS in developmental initiatives as ‘One Soul Movement’, rights-based approaches and grassroots small grants implementation with Most at Risk Populations and other vulnerable communities in collaboration with EC and DFID, IWW, PAIMAN, NATPOW, Community Support Concern, Pakistan Society and PAVHNA. SSD is fully staffed and technically equipped to carryout a range of interventions. SSD has highly qualified, trained, experienced and skilled staff to carryout its initiatives. SSD has now established its position and reputation as a technically strong organization. Various national and international organizations involved SSD in their developmental initiatives to provide technical support and trainings to their staff.

SSD trainings offer an in depth insight and knowledge about various topics; ranging from Gender and development and HIV and AIDS to Resource Mobilization. Capacity Development section of SSD and the Behavioral Change Communication Section are directly involved in coordinating training programs for capacity building of partners and general masses. SSD also coordinates initiatives as seminars, media dialogues, workshops and focused group discussions.

SSD offers trainings on various topics including:

  1. Rights based approach
  2. Gender and development
  3. Gender and HIV
  4. Basic Knowledge and Information about HIV and AIDS,
  5. Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS
  6. BCC and Peer Education,
  7. Interpersonal Communication,
  8. Organizational Management,
  9. Project Cycle Management and
  10. Public Private Partnership
  11. Governance and leadership
  12. Resource Mobilization & Advocacy
  13. Social Mobilization and community mobilization
  14. Developing and implementing sustainable exit strategies.